- Primero 04/08

Primero 04/08

- Primero 16R/16R+/32R

Primero 16R/32R


Model Analog/960H/HD-SDI
Compact case Rack
Video Camera input 4 BNC 8 BNC 16 BNC 16 BNC 32 BNC
Individual HD/Analog selectable Hybrid(Patent)
Available source 720p25,30,50,60/1080p25,30,50,60/1080i50,60/Composite/960H/Mixed
Output 1 HDMI (Main Display or Programmable HD Spot)
1 VGA (Main Display or Programmable HD Spot)
1 Composite (Programmable SPOT)
Audio Audio input 4 RCA 16 RCA
Output 1 RCA
Sensor In 4 (NC, NO selectable) 16(NC, NO selectable)
Alarm out 1 relay 14 TTL, 2 relay
Operating System Embedded Linux OS
Display Speed Real Time
Resolution (Pixel) 1280X1024, 1280X720, 1920X1080
Split screen 1,4 1,4,6,8,9 1,4,6,8,9,13,16 1,4,6,8,9,13,16,25,32
Recording CODEC H.264 / JPEG for 3G, Dual CODEC
Resolution (Pixel) 720p, 1080p, 960H, 720H, WCIF, CIF Mixed
Picture quality 4 steps (Super, High, Medium, Low)
Speed NTSC area 120fps@1080p 240fps@1080p 480fps@1080p 480fps@1080p 480fps@1080p
PAL area 100fps@1080p 200fps@1080p 400fps@1080p 400fps@1080p 400fps@1080p
Playback Display 1,4 1,4,8 1,4,6,8,9,13,16 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 20, 25, 32
Search mode Calendar, Event ,POS , Panorama, Thumbnail
Speed NTSC area 60fps@1080p 120fps@1080p 120fps@1080p 480fps@1080p 480fps@1080p
PAL area 100fps@1080p 200fps@1080p 200fps@1080p 400fps@1080p 400fps@1080p
Fast/Slow speed Normal, REW & FF [recorded speed x2, x4, x8, x16,x32,x64,x1/2,x1/4], Frame to frame, Pause
Network Network Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Speed 15fps@1080p 90fps@1080p 180fps@1080p
70fps@1080p 140fps@1080p
Application Windows 7 / 8 (PC Client system& IE)/MAC
Web Browser Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox
Smart phone App Android, iPhone for live and search
Backup Interface USB 2.0 X 2 USB 2.0 X 3
Backup device External HDD, CD&DVD-RW, Network, Thumb Drive
The number of HDD 2 SATA(No capacity limit ; 6TB of more) 4 SATA + 1 eSATA(upto 12 bays, No capacity limit ; 6TB or more)
Function •Full GUI with alpha blending
•Individual setting of resolution, frame rates and picture quality
•Instant Replay
•Digital Zoom
•Mouse Control
•Weekly scheduler with holiday by 10 minutes setting
•Covert, Disable and Private function of cameras
•Motion Detection with 576 area setting
•Relay alarm output
•PTZ control by RS-485
•Daylight Saving Time and Network Time Setting
•Multi User Authority up to 8 Users
•Deinterlacer upon live and playback
•22 languages with full graphic
•Individual Network port setting
•Auto Deletion
•Import and Export the configuration
•POS Interface
•Dual CODEC engine for independent video transmission
•Interactive setup via network
Others Power Consumption 60W 150W
Operating Temperature 5 ~40℃(41~104F)
Relative Humidity Maximum 80% non-condensing
Dimension 340(W)×250(D)×60(H) mm 430(W)×420(D)×88(H)